downloads and resources

WOSH may be built (native) and run on following operative systems:

  • POSIX (developed on Linux Debian)
  • Windows (2000, XP, Vista)
  • Windows CE/Mobile 6.0
  • Mac OS

Binaries package is actually provided as preview, developers and expert users should download full archive.

You may find more information about contents and installation in distribution page of the documentation.

Some screenshots of WOSH applications are also available online.


WOSH resources are first available on SourceForge repository.
Milestones are released also on LaunchPad.

Available packages are:

  • Binaries (installer) for Windows
    binaries (x86-32bit), documentation (CHM), some extras.

  • Full package, multiplatform
    binaries (x86-32bit, debian-lenny, arm4), documentation (HTML), source code, extra contents.

The CC BY-NC license (basically) allows users to distribute, adapt and contribute the work, until disclaimers are preserved and there are not any commercial purposes.

installation and configuration

Refer to running page and configuration page of the documentation.