This page explains how to run WOSH Applications.

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WOSH is a service-oriented distributed system and you may need some background before running it.

Any application based on WOSH Framework follows the same configuration standard, as described in Configuration. Read this page and configure your system before running WOSH.

Once the binaries are built (or downloaded) you have to configure WOSH in order to run properly.

You probably want to run WOSH Server on POSIX and WOSH WorkShop on Windows.

If you built the application on your system you can skip next section and jump to Start WOSH Applications


Running requirements are intrinsically already fulfilled if you built WOSH on your system. Read only if you downloaded binaries.

This application will use Qt 4.1 or later, freely available on Recently QT has been acquired by Nokia group.

On Linux Debian-based systems you may install QT executing:

alex@linbox:/# sudo apt-get install qt

On Windows system, you need to have QT run-time files (DLLs) into program's folder, they are included in both distributions. Required libraries are:

Graphical applications (such as woshshop) require also:

Optional libraries which may be required (by including some Bundles) are:

See also 3rd-party Libraries, note that requirements may change for each built.

Windows' Binary distributions of WOSH system include all required libraries.
WOSH is actually distributed as debug-built, so you will need QT libraries with debug information (filename with 'd' before '4').

WOSH CE Server requires also msvcr90d.dll for the specific platform you are working on (such as ARMV4I).

Start WOSH Applications

Binaries of WOSH applications are located in the /bin folder.

Before running WOSH for first time, you need to setup few fundamental settings, select bundles and their configuration. Please refer to Configuration

The standard way to run a WOSH application on POSIX system is:

alex@linbox:/home/alex/WOSH/bin# ./woshsrv

A custom configuration file or any of the settings may be specified as program's arguments.

On Windows you may just double-click the executable file or pick it from the Start Menu (in 'WOSH' programs group).

Check out Using WOSH as an introduction to WOSH system and its applications.

woshsrv and other console applications print log to stdout/stderr by default, a very simple way to workaround this feature is:

alex@linbox:/home/alex/WOSH/bin# ./woshsrv 2> console-output.txt


Generic Notes:

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