This page explains how to get and install WOSH on your system.

Once downloaded you may check requirements for running (binaries) or requirements for building (compiling source).

Note that before running WOSH for first time you need to configure the software and included bundles.

Table of Contents:


WOSH is still in development stage, binaries are provided as demonstration. Target audience are developers and expert (or curious) users.

WOSH (official) website address is http://wosh.sourceforge.net.

Main file repository (the first updated) is hosted on SourceForge as WOSH project at https://sourceforge.net/projects/wosh/files/.

Other mirrors and websites are:

WOSH may be installed anywhere, file-system structure is similar to POSIX system (because it's planned to have WOSH fully integrated into Linux).

The installation path should not contain any spaces.

Binaries are located in /bin folder, by default configuration files are loaded from /etc/wosh.

See also:
Configuration for more information.

Source Code

Developers should access to latest source from the SourceForge repository (SubVersion):

alex@linbox:/home/alex/MyWoshFolder# svn co https://wosh.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/wosh wosh 

The repository is mirrored (synchronized) on LaunchPad Bazaar.

You may also browse the repository online at http://wosh.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/wosh/

On Windows, I suggest to use TortoiseSVN (http://tortoisesvn.tigris.org).

Just create a new folder, right-click and CheckOut the address https://wosh.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/wosh

To contribute the project you need to be registered on SourceForge (or LaunchPad) and join the WOSH project.

You are welcome to contact project administrators.

See page Building for information about compiling WOSH on your system.

WOSH Installation (UNIX)

WOSH is organized as a fairly standard project layout (similar to autotools):

Files Location Installed Location

WOSH File-System

WOSH may be installed anywhere, also in a network-shared folder.

You may notice similarities with Linux FS, in fact file system is designed to be (further) fully integrated in a generic POSIX system (as package).

Let's see sub-folders:

WOSH doesn't really need all of these folders, a minimal installation requires only binary and its configuration files.

Full distribution [multi-platform]

Full distribution of WOSH comes with:

It is provided as tar.gz of ZIP archive.

Open a shell and change your preferred folder, run tar to uncompress data (will also create a subfolder):

alex@linbox:/home/alex/MyWoshFolder# tar -xfv WOSH-full-<UTC-DATE>.tar.gz

or unzip the archive executing:

alex@linbox:/home/alex/MyWoshFolder# unzip WOSH-full-<UTC-DATE>.zip

POSIX (Linux) distribution

WOSH POSIX distribution is not standardized yet, refer to Full distribution [multi-platform]

Windows (32) distribution (+ Windows CE/Mobile)

WOSH is distributed as Microsoft Installer Package (msi) and source code is not included. Usually, Windows(32) distribution comes with Windows Mobile/CE (binary) archive (in /bin folder).

Windows CE/Mobile deploy is still not standardized.

Windows Mobile release is distributed as ZIP archive, containing only binaries and required DLLs. It usually ships with Windows installer and Full distribution.

Installation on Windows Mobile/CE device from Windows 2000/XP:

On Linux platform you need to setup RNDIS driver and have device connected as a (virtual) host (TCP-IP enabled). You may find some information on wincesrv page.

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