Namespace List

Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
stdSTL namespace
woshStandard root namespace of WOSH framework
wosh::aiClasses, algoritms and utilities for applied Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining
wosh::applicationContains official WOSH applications (implementation and their classes)
wosh::automationsAutomation and Task (Cron) related classes
wosh::buildingClasses designed to represent building and the whole house. They provide an higher abstraction of devices (such as lights, appliances, audio box, ..)
wosh::communicationContains classes regarding communication. They represent common messages (textual, audio) and provide user sessions (required by Session server and remote control through instant messaging
wosh::entertainmentContains classes regarding Entertainment. Representing media objects, playlist and more
wosh::guiContains classes regarding GUI. There are many built-in graphical interface for core-modules, most objects and services
wosh::interfacesContains standard interfaces (specifications) of WOSH system
wosh::networkSpecification and some implementations of common sockets (TCP, UDP) and networking-related classes. WOSH Network Framework is required in order to build a (distributed) WOSH network, protocols are (installed and) configured as Bundles (within NetworkManager settings). Thanks to wosh::bundles::DiscoveryBundle service, a WOSH application may auto-connect to other host without user interaction
wosh::persistenceContains classes regarding data persistence. Note that XML serialization is required by network overlay. Persistence is related to serialization and data persistence (on disk), actually XML format is widely supported by built-in objects
wosh::rmiContains stubs and skeletons for WOSH components
wosh::scriptingContains classes regarding scripting and safety of the home and the system itself
wosh::scripting::luaContains wrappers and binding system to the LUA scripting language, standardized by wosh::scripting interfaces (model)
wosh::securityContains classes regarding security and safety of the home and the system itself
wosh::xtendedContains classes that do not apply to other namespaces, but are commonly used

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