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wosh::building::Door Class Reference

#include <H:/WOSH/win32_vc2010/src/framework/building/interior/Door.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Door ()
 Empty constructor.
 Door (const Door &m)
 Copy constructor.
virtual ~Door ()
 Empty destructor.
Door Interface
virtual WRESULT open (const SecurityToken *security=NULL)
virtual WRESULT close (const SecurityToken *security=NULL)
virtual WRESULT lock (const SecurityToken *security=NULL)
virtual WRESULT unLock (const SecurityToken *security=NULL)
Door Interface - Getters
getDoorState () const
 Get last known door state (opened, closed, unknown)
virtual const
getSwitch () const
getSwitch ()
wosh::interfaces::building::DoorListener * getDoorListener ()
Door Interface - Setters
WRESULT setSwitch (wosh::interfaces::building::Switch *ptr)
WRESULT setDoorListener (wosh::interfaces::building::DoorListener *ptr)
SwitchListener interface
virtual void switch_state (const wosh::interfaces::building::SwitchStateChanged *switch_event, const SecurityToken *token, wosh::interfaces::building::Switch *switch_source)
SensorSecurityListener interface
virtual void alert_detected (const wosh::interfaces::building::AlertStateChanged *alert_state, const wosh::SecurityToken *token, wosh::interfaces::building::SensorSecurity *source)
IPropertiesProviderListener interface
virtual bool updatingProperty (bool &do_update, const Variant &value_proposed, Property &property_current, const PropertiesProvider *source)

Protected Attributes

wosh::interfaces::building::DOOR_STATE state
 level as enum, fade level is saved in Properties[_Door_KEY_Level] and level field

Private Member Functions

Hosted mehods
WRESULT mmDoOpen (const SecurityToken *security)
WRESULT mmDoClose (const SecurityToken *security)
WRESULT mmDoLock (const SecurityToken *security)
WRESULT mmDoUnLock (const SecurityToken *security)

Internal mehods

void initDoor ()
virtual void childrenChanged_ ()

Detailed Description

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Definition at line 50 of file framework/building/interior/Door.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wosh::building::Door::Door (  )

Empty constructor.

Definition at line 58 of file Door.cpp.

wosh::building::Door::Door ( const Door m )

Copy constructor.

m[in] the source object to be copied

Definition at line 65 of file Door.cpp.

wosh::building::Door::~Door (  ) [virtual]

Empty destructor.

Reimplemented from wosh::interfaces::building::Door.

Definition at line 70 of file Door.cpp.

References wosh::building::BuildingBlock::Log, and wosh::LOG_DEBUG.

Member Function Documentation

virtual wosh::interfaces::building::DOOR_STATE wosh::building::Door::getDoorState (  ) const [inline, virtual]

Get last known door state (opened, closed, unknown)

current door state (enum)

Implements wosh::interfaces::building::Door.

Definition at line 105 of file framework/building/interior/Door.h.

References state.

Member Data Documentation

wosh::interfaces::building::DOOR_STATE wosh::building::Door::state [protected]

level as enum, fade level is saved in Properties[_Door_KEY_Level] and level field

Definition at line 168 of file framework/building/interior/Door.h.

Referenced by getDoorState().

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