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wosh::WoshHost_ListChanged Class Reference

Raised when. More...

#include <H:/WOSH/win32_vc2010/src/core/WoshHost.h>

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Public Member Functions

 WoshHost_ListChanged ()
 Empty constructor.
 WoshHost_ListChanged (const std::string &hostname, FACT_LIST_EVENT list_event)
 Constructor with initializers.
 WoshHost_ListChanged (const WoshHost_ListChanged &m)
 Copy constructor.
virtual ~WoshHost_ListChanged ()
 Empty destructor.

Detailed Description

Raised when.

Internally, data is stored as wosh::Variant (STRING).

See also:
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Alessandro Polo

Definition at line 646 of file WoshHost.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wosh::WoshHost_ListChanged::WoshHost_ListChanged (  ) [inline]

Empty constructor.

Definition at line 654 of file WoshHost.h.

wosh::WoshHost_ListChanged::WoshHost_ListChanged ( const std::string &  hostname,
FACT_LIST_EVENT  list_event 
) [inline, explicit]

Constructor with initializers.

hostname[in] added, updated or removed item
list_event[in] raised event within list/item

Definition at line 665 of file WoshHost.h.

wosh::WoshHost_ListChanged::WoshHost_ListChanged ( const WoshHost_ListChanged m ) [inline]

Copy constructor.

m[in] the source object to be copied

Definition at line 671 of file WoshHost.h.

virtual wosh::WoshHost_ListChanged::~WoshHost_ListChanged (  ) [inline, virtual]

Empty destructor.

Definition at line 676 of file WoshHost.h.

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