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wosh::Notification Class Reference

A special Event message containing text or information for user(s). More...

#include <H:/WOSH/win32_vc2010/src/core/Notification.h>

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Public Types


priority of the notification

enum  TYPE

type of the notification


Public Member Functions

 Notification ()
 Empty constructor.
 Notification (const Notification &m)
 Copy constructor.
virtual ~Notification ()
 Empty destructor.
void setFlowID (long uid)
void setSender_ID (const std::string &value)
void setSender_User (const std::string &value)
void setRecipent_ID (const std::string &value)
void setRecipent_User (const std::string &value)
void setRecipent_Group (const std::string &value)
void setLanguage (const std::string &value)
void setProtocol (Notification::PROTOCOL proto)
void setTimeStamp ()
void setTimeStamp (int64 value)
void setRead (bool value, int64 epoch=0)
void setSent (bool value, int64 epoch=0)
void setPriority (Notification::PRIORITY prior)
void setPreferredCommunicator (const URI &uri)
virtual void clear ()
Operators Overloading
virtual Notificationoperator= (const Notification &m)
virtual bool operator== (const Notification &other) const
virtual bool operator!= (const Notification &other) const
Serialization interface
virtual std::string toString () const
virtual bool updateHash (DataHashContext *hash_context) const
virtual int compare (const ISerializable *other) const

Protected Attributes

int64 timestamp
 timestamp (epoch) of the notification
Notification::PRIORITY priority
 priority of the notification
std::string sender_id
 phone_number/account SENDING message
std::string sender_user
 associated WOSH user (sender_id)
std::string recipent_id
 phone_number/account RECEIVING message
std::string recipent_user
 associated WOSH user (recipent_id)
std::string recipent_group
 associated WOSH group (not used actually)


long getID () const
long getFlowID () const
int64 getTimeStamp () const
std::string getTimeStampUTF () const
int64 getSentTimeStamp () const
int64 getReadTimeStamp () const
bool isSent () const
bool isRead () const
const std::string & getSender_ID () const
std::string & getSender_ID ()
const std::string & getSender_User () const
std::string & getSender_User ()
const std::string & getRecipent_ID () const
std::string & getRecipent_ID ()
const std::string & getRecipent_User () const
std::string & getRecipent_User ()
const std::string & getRecipent_Group () const
std::string & getRecipent_Group ()
bool isForAnyone () const
const std::string & getLanguage () const
std::string & getLanguage ()
Notification::PROTOCOL getProtocol () const
const char * getProtocolAsString () const
const URIgetPreferredCommunicator () const
URIgetPreferredCommunicator ()
virtual MessageContent::TYPE getType () const
 Get MessageContent::TYPE of implementations.
const char * getNotificationTypeAsString () const
Notification::PRIORITY getPriority () const
const char * getPriorityAsString () const
static struct
getPriorityEnum ()
static const char * getPriorityAsString (PRIORITY priority)
static struct
getProtocolEnum ()
static const char * getProtocolAsString (PROTOCOL protocol)
static struct
EnumerationDescription< TYPE > * 
getNotificationTypeEnum ()
static const char * getNotificationTypeAsString (TYPE type)

Detailed Description

A special Event message containing text or information for user(s).

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Definition at line 50 of file Notification.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

priority of the notification

Definition at line 58 of file Notification.h.

type of the notification

Reimplemented from wosh::MessageContent.

Definition at line 67 of file Notification.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wosh::Notification::Notification (  )

Empty constructor.

Definition at line 52 of file Notification.cpp.

wosh::Notification::Notification ( const Notification m )

Copy constructor.

m[in] the source object to be copied

Definition at line 57 of file Notification.cpp.

virtual wosh::Notification::~Notification (  ) [inline, virtual]

Empty destructor.

Definition at line 96 of file Notification.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual MessageContent::TYPE wosh::Notification::getType (  ) const [inline, virtual]

Get MessageContent::TYPE of implementations.

returns a constat type for each implementation of this class-interface
See also:

Implements wosh::MessageContent.

Definition at line 147 of file Notification.h.

Member Data Documentation

priority of the notification

Definition at line 215 of file Notification.h.

std::string wosh::Notification::recipent_group [protected]

associated WOSH group (not used actually)

Definition at line 222 of file Notification.h.

std::string wosh::Notification::recipent_id [protected]

phone_number/account RECEIVING message

Definition at line 220 of file Notification.h.

std::string wosh::Notification::recipent_user [protected]

associated WOSH user (recipent_id)

Definition at line 221 of file Notification.h.

std::string wosh::Notification::sender_id [protected]

phone_number/account SENDING message

Definition at line 217 of file Notification.h.

std::string wosh::Notification::sender_user [protected]

associated WOSH user (sender_id)

Definition at line 218 of file Notification.h.

int64 wosh::Notification::timestamp [protected]

timestamp (epoch) of the notification

Definition at line 213 of file Notification.h.

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