WOSH is architected to scale from tiny applications all the way up to massive applications consisting of hundreds of components.

WOSH is written in ANSI C++, (partially) based on state-of-the-art libraries (such as QT4).
Builds for each platform are native.

You are very welcome to contribute the project, check out WOSH Development (documentation) and refer to Help Wanted on SourceForge.

source code

WOSH source is available on SourceForge SVN repository. The repository is mirrored (synchronized) on LaunchPad Bazaar.

You may access with your preferred client (such as TortoiseSVN) checking out address:

On POSIX you may execute following command in a shell:

alex@linbox:/home/alex$ svn co wosh


You may browse the source tree online on SourceForge or on LaunchPad (better interface).


On Windows you need Microsoft Visual Studio 2005-2008, double-click /build/mscv_make_apps.bat.

On Linux execute:

alex@linbox:/wosh/trunk/src$ qmake
alex@linbox:/wosh/trunk/src$ make

Please read Build WOSH for details.


Brief of the WOSH project roadmap:

  • 2010 to 2011

    • Entertainment and MediaDirector architecture
    • Integrated help as Man service
    • remove QT-library requirement from WOSH Core and Networking, full-support multimple libraries [started]
    • Building in 3D (Wosh3D)
    • GNU makefiles (+autotools)

More detailed list is avaliable on LaunchPad Blueprints.