Note: WOSH 0.8.8888 [phoenix] is available as preview for expert users and developers.
Old users might refer to previous stable release [icarus or wolf].

what is WOSH?

WOSH (Wide Open Smart Home) is an open source, multi-platform framework (message oriented middleware) written in ANSI C++, designed to enable (smart) home automation.
WOSH is a Service Oriented Framework (SOA) providing a (Network) OS independent infrastructure for developing component based software (services, aka bundles). WOSH Framework and installed services enable rapid developement (RAD) and features composition.
WOSH ships with many implemented services and some end-user applications (as woshsrv, WorkShop).
This project is actually released for developers and expert users.

features and use-cases

Many features depends on hardware devices, most important features for end-user are:

  • built-in end-user applications: console and graphical both
  • distributed computing, 'zero-configuration' networking (UDP, TCP)
  • multi-user, role based access
  • remote control using Instant Messaging (using libgloox; compatible with GTalk), SMS (send/receive) and call monitoring (on Windows-Mobile, RNDIS connected smart phone)
  • appliances and sensors (X10 devices) monitor/control (on POSIX, based on Heyu)
  • entertainment, multi-zone media playback (using GStreamer, MPD on POSIX or QT Phonon on Windows, VLC). Media-Director service provides a high abstraction layer, the recovery/guess multimedia status, hardware/software shortcuts and more
  • centralized communication system (selecting best communication channel), using also interpreters (such as Festival for Text2Speech)
  • building abstract-representation of the home and its devices (rooms, lights, audio-box, ..)
  • Cron and Automation services, providing support for basic every-day tasks
  • Weather service, gathering and merging information from various sources
  • many not listed and more to come..

Read more about using WOSH and some real-world examples.

platforms and requirements

WOSH runs on:

  • POSIX systems (linux),
  • WINDOWS systems (Windows 98+, Windows XP, Windows Vista/7)
  • WINDOWS CE/Mobile systems (Windows CE 6.0, Windows Mobile)
  • MAC OS
WOSH is coded in ANSI C++, external libraries are optionals and they are supported as extension.
WOSH and some components are (partially) based on QT4.

why join?

Some reasons to use and join the WOSH project are:

  • It's free, open source, alive!
  • It's modular and growing
  • It's easy to plug-in new features (C++ required)
  • It has been though to be efficient and intuitive
  • It contains state-of-the-art libraries (QT4, gloox, festival, gstreamer010, ..)
  • It comes with many built-in services (networking, communication, entertainment, remote control, ..)